Someone who recommends products to others and earns commissions from attributed sales. See our Terms & Conditions for guidelines.
Affiliate ID
The unique account identifier associated with your KinkyDollars account; automatically generated in the form of a positive integer.
Affiliate Name
The unique username associated with your KinkyDollars account; maximum of 16 characters, can only consist of alphanumeric (a-z), underscores, and hyphens. Used in affiliate links.
A marketing campaign; practically speaking, a label for segmenting tracking events associated with an Affiliate. Can be created on-the-fly (you don't have to explicitly create them). Once created, a campaign cannot be deleted as it presumably has been used for at least one tracking event.
Campaign ID
The unique campaign identifier associated with one of your KinkyDollars campaigns; automatically generated in the form of a positive integer.
Campaign Name
Optional segmentation for your traffic. If excluded, will be set to "default".
A transaction reversal demand by a credit-card provider for a retailer to make good the loss on a fraudulent or disputed transaction. Decreases earnings.
Custom Parameter
Similar to a Campaign; a custom query string parameter that, when included in requests to, will be included with their values in tracking events. Used only with Postbacks, available by request only; contact us with details.
All financial transactions that relate to a given affiliate, presented chronologically.
The affiliate program for promoting the websites of &, the world's leading producer of BDSM and fetish content.
A monthly distribution of an Affiliate's earnings from KinkyDollars.
A transaction and event notification from KinkyDollars to a merchant's affiliate system.
The one-time purchase that gives a member access to one shoot. Increases earnings.
A repayment of a transaction, typically to a dissatisfied member. Decreases earnings.
A single movie.
The start of a monthly recurring plan that gives a member access to some or all shoots. Increases earnings.
A single financial agreement between a member and Includes subscriptions, purchases, chargebacks, and refunds.

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