April Showers Bring Spring Savings! 04/13/2021

And catching drops with your tongue is up to you!

Hello affiliates!

Today we're issuing a flash flood warning because these deals are just spraying all over the place! For this promo, we're offering escalating deals that get better with the length the membership purchased using code "SHOWERS". The longer the membership purchased, the more your customers can save!

Note: The "SHOWERS" Promo Code will only work after 3:00 PM PST on April 14th.

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DATES: April 14th at 3pm PDT - April 21st at 3pm PDT

KINK UNLIMITED PRICE POINTS • 1 MONTH - $25.99 FOR 35% OFF • 3 MONTHS - $53.98 FOR 40% OFF • 6 MONTHS - $68.97 FOR 50% OFF • 1 YEAR - $71.99 FOR 60% OFF

KINKMEN PRICE POINTS • 1 MONTH - $22.74 FOR 35% OFF • 3 MONTHS - $44.98.49 FOR 40% OFF • 6 MONTHS - $59.97 FOR 50% OFF • 1 YEAR - $62.35 FOR 60% OFF


If there's anything we can help with, please don't hesitate to contact us:


Paris Carter
Affiliate Marketing Manager

We Want To Hear From You! 12/09/2020

Our goal with KinkyDollars is to make it as easy as possible for our affiliates to generate revenue. To that end, we'd love to hear your feedback in our year-end affiliate survey!

How has your experience been with using KinkyDollars? Are there any features you’d like to see added in the future? You can let us know by clicking the link below. The best part is the survey only takes about 2 minutes to complete!

Here's the link:

If there's anything we can help with, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Happy Holidays!

Paris Carter|Affiliate Account Manager

Happy....Tax Season? 12/07/2020


It's fair to say that 2020 has been a total rollercoaster for all of us; so much so that it's hard to believe a new year is almost here! While we all collectively hope 2021 will bring a sense of renewal, it also happens to mean that the return of tax season is right around the corner.

While I completely understand not wanting to think about tax time today, I do have to be "that guy" and remind everyone to make sure the tax information and address on your KinkyDollars account is submitted and up-to-date so that we can get your tax forms to you as soon as possible.

Thank you! Now back to the fun stuff.

Paris Carter
Affiliate Marketing Manager

Update on KinkDollars Stats (FIXED) 11/10/2020

Hi everyone!

First things first, we are so sorry for the stats problems in KinkyDollars for the past month. We completely understand that there’s nothing optimal about being in the dark as stats are a vital part of any affiliate program. Thank you so much for your patience as we worked through this, but today we can happily say that the issue has been resolved!

What happened?

A combination of several factors caused a gradual slowdown in the calculation of KinkyDollars events. Practically, the data set grew to a size that the current optimizations were insufficient to keep up with the volume of data we were storing! It’s good that traffic is up, but obviously calculation should keep up as well. After efforts across multiple teams, optimizations were made that speed up calculations without changing the underlying logic. At the end, our calculations are now 2-3 times faster than they were in 2016, despite a much higher volume of data.


There was a delay in the calculation of statistics for the affiliate program. Raw data storage was not affected, and no data loss occurred. Detailed statistics from 2015 to 2018 have been archived, and in the coming weeks will be made available through modifications to existing interfaces. Payouts, their history, and related calculations are not affected and are currently available.


Two changes that triggered a gradual slowdown were tracked down to August 29, 2020 (a change in archiving) and a change that broke an optimization (September 10, 2020). Internal monitoring noted problems beginning on September 16, 2020. A number of changes were made since September 16, 2020, culminating in the eventual fix on November 9, 2020. The backed-up calculations were completed on November 10, 2020.

What comes next?

The KinkyDollars Terms and Conditions policy will be updated with some practical guidelines around data retention. Once in place, an automated system for archiving will be implemented to minimize the potential for unchecked data growth.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me ( and I’ll be happy to go over them with you.

All the best,

Paris Carter
Affiliate Marketing Manager



Eat, drink, & be scary, affiliates!

We have some spooktacular banners for our Halloween promo! You can find the materials you need to start promoting these special offers by clicking the link below.

Our Halloween promo discount is 50% off ALL of our subscriptions for both KINK and KINKMEN. The promo starts on Thursday, October 22nd at 3pm PST and will end on Monday, November 2nd at 3pm PST. As stated on the banners, the coupon code for this promo is: HALLOWEEN2020

Feel free to reach out with any questions at:

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In the meantime, if you need anything at all (or just want to say hi!) please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at:

Creep it real,

Paris Carter|Affiliate Marketing Manager

Delayed stats in Kinky Dollars 10/06/2020

Hi Everyone!

We wanted to give an update on the current issue some of you may have already noticed with your campaigns.

Towards the end of September, it came to our attention that the stats in KinkyDollars were being delayed by a few days. The good news is no data has been lost; it’s simply taking much longer to appear for affiliates than it should. However, we realize that this isn’t optimal for you or your business, so getting that fixed is our top priority.

We are also prioritizing the calculation and verification of September stats; once ready, we’ll send out payments to qualified affiliates who have reached their payment threshold. Please take a moment to make sure your tax information on file is current by logging in and going to your Tax tab.

As soon as we have further updates on the issue, I’ll post them here. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at, and I’ll be happy to go over them with you.


Paris Carter

Introducing our new Affiliate Account Manager 08/19/2020

Hi Everyone!

My name is Paris Carter and I'm very excited to be introducing myself as the new Affiliate Account Manager at!

For the past seven years, I've worked in adult advertising. In my new position, my primary goal is to make sure that each and every one of you is set up for success with your campaign to help bring you in the largest return on investment possible.

If I notice something in your campaign that I think we could improve? You'll hear from me.

Is it time to freshen up the ads in your campaign to boost sales? Please let me know and I'll be happy to get those made for you.

Want help moving? You should definitely call a moving company for that but I'll point you in the direction of a good one :)

In the meantime, if you need anything at all (or just want to say hello!) please don't hesitate to reach out to me at

Looking forward to working with all of you,

Paris Carter|Affiliate Account Manager

New Channels to Promote! 02/16/2018

We just added the following channels to the Ad Tools here on KinkyDollars!

Families Tied - Family role play in Kink's signature style!

Chanta's Bitches - The legendary FemDom and her stable of submissive sluts!

Captive Male - FemDom's make sissy men their toys for punishment & pleasure.

Fucked & Bound - Exactly what it sounds like, hot whores getting fucked in hardcore bondage!

If you need custom banners, assets, or anything else to help you promote these channels, hit up!

NATS Program No Longer Supported as of May 2017 04/18/2017

Important Affiliate Announcement:

Beginning May 1st, We will no longer support NATS, and will be moving our proprietary platform at to the Kinky Dollars domain.

This means that any of our affiliates who have stats in NATS should, at this time, download all your historic data for your records.

NATS links will continue to redirect appropriately into our new platform, despite the absence of the NATS platform.

The effect for affiliates should be minimal, however we do encourage you to grab all of your historic stats, as well as reach out with any questions about the change you may have to

the Kinky Dollars Team

Beta.KinkyDollars Updates: 10/06/2016

Hello, Affiliates.

With the transition to our new Kinky Dollars site, we now require a W-8BEN form for all payouts to International affiliates. If your payment address is outside the USA, please fill out and submit the provided W8 form under MY ACCOUNT above.

Just as a reminder, if you ARE located in the USA, we do still require a W9 for payouts.

Affiliates have experienced issues connecting with our platform on some versions of Microsoft Browser’s IE and Edge. If you are experiencing issues upon login please try using an incognito window, clearing your cache/cookies, or popping up a different browser. If issues persist, please contact affiliate support.

Thanks for everyone’s patience during this migration!

the Kinky Dollars Affiliate Team