Partner Content Documentation

What is Partner Content?

Partner Content is content that we distribute but do not produce. You can navigate to partner content on the Channels Tab, or see content from our partners in the related shoots, recommended shoots, or latest shoots. We do not sell subscriptions to partner sites at this time, so all purchases fall under the single purchase tab in your stats.

How can I make money from Partner Content?

Webmasters and internet marketers who send traffic to websites are getting paid from sales generated by their traffic, regardless of what the member purchases. Partner Content automatically receives a payout of 30% to the affiliate in our program. By linking to websites with specific URLs that include your affiliate code, your traffic will be tracked back to your Kinky Dollars account. Any consumers that click your links and make a purchase on our sites will create a sale in your account, which can be found under single purchases.

What payment models do you offer?

All Partner Content will be paid out at 30% rev share. There is no need to pull specific links to promote this content, though you can use our link builder tool to send traffic to any Partner Content Channels or Specific Shoots.

If I was already sending traffic to KinkOnDemand, do I have to change my link codes?

Existing link codes to will continue to function, but will switch to the 30% program when a user follows the link by default.

What happens if I send 50-60% traffic and it reaches Partner Content?

It will be automatically render to the 30% payout.

How do I get started?

To promote Partner Content get your link codes from the Link Codes tab in the Nav Bar above, or by using the link builder under Account Tools in the Nav Bar above.