Postbacks Documentation

A postback is a sales transaction notification from payment processors to a merchant's affiliate system. For more information about the general concept, see Wikipedia.

KinkyDollars can send a postback in the form of a customized GET request given a base URL and template.

Postbacks are currently administered by KinkyDollars staff; if you are interested in participating, please contact

Postback Example

  • Affiliate ID: 123
  • Event Type: Subscription
  • Base URL:
  • Query String Template: aff={affiliateId}&payout={amount}&inv={invoiceId}

Given the following data:

  • eventType - subscription
  • affiliateId - 123
  • amount - 45.67
  • invoiceId - 890

Will result in the following GET request:

Postback Query String Tokens

The following tokens are available to use in Query String Templates:

  • affiliateId - integer
  • affiliateName
  • campaignId - integer
  • campaignName
  • customParam1Name - available upon request, contact support for details
  • customParam1Value - available upon request, contact support for details
  • customParam2Name - available upon request, contact support for details
  • customParam2Value - available upon request, contact support for details
  • invoiceId - integer
  • amount (positive for credit, negative for debit)
  • credit (unsigned)
  • debit (unsigned)
  • eventAmount (positive for credit, negative for debit)
  • eventCredit (unsigned)
  • eventDebit (unsigned)
  • eventTimezone
  • eventDate
  • eventTime
  • eventIsoDate
  • productId
  • productName
  • productPurchaseOptionId
  • productPurchaseOptionName

Some event types lack data for all tokens; if the event does not involve a financial transaction, then it won't include amounts.

Postback Event Types

The following event types are supported:

  • affiliateRequest - when a new session is created that includes affiliate information; no affect on payout
  • cancel - when a member cancels a subscription; no affect on payout
  • cardOnFile - when a member has a card on file with our payment processor; no affect on payout
  • chargeback - when a purchase or subscription is charged back through the payment processor; the inverse payout will be deducted
  • expiration - when a subscription lapses after a cancellation; no affect on payout
  • purchase - when a member purchases access to a shoot; payout for regular affiliates
  • rebill - when a subscription renews; payout for regular affiliates
  • refund - when a purchase or subscription is refunded the inverse payout will be deducted
  • registration - when an anonymous viewer converts to a registered user; no affect on payout
  • subscription - when a subscription is purchased; payout for both regular and PPS affiliates

Postback Privacy

The following information will never be disclosed:

  • User Identifiers, including user names and user unique identifiers
  • User Passwords
  • User IP address
  • User Email Address
  • User Location
  • User Payment Details
  • User Viewing Preference
  • User Session ID

See the privacy policy for more details.